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In University Prep’s Near Northeast Denver neighborhood only one in five students of color from low income families graduates high school and only one in ten goes on to earn a college degree. We call this the 10-5-1 crisis but this doesn’t have to be. University Prep is an organization working to change that number into 10-10-10. Ten five year olds enter kindergarten, 10 graduate high school, and ten earn a college degree.

Every dollar donated to University Prep allows us to work to make 10-10-10 a reality for our scholars to ensure they can live a life of opportunity.

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"My experience with the school has been great. It is a school that demands a lot from the scholars and the parents. University Prep scholars are ready to compete with any other student at any other school and I think that they are more prepared compared to other schools academically and behaviorally... as a mother I have complete confidence in University Prep."

Maria Aguilera