U Prep School Culture

Why join

University Prep

U Prep is dedicated to our work for two simple reasons: We care deeply about all children and believe education is the great equalizer.

When you work at University Prep it becomes your mission to support every child in building an unbreakable foundation on which to achieve their dreams. Our team is collectively responsible for unlocking the potential in each student, making sure they have the confidence, character, and academic skills to succeed.

Why you’ll love

Teaching with Us

We approach teaching differently. We believe it is a craft that is mastered over time through deep ownership of your growth and a constant pursuit of excellence.

At U Prep every ounce of educator energy and effort comes from a place of love and commitment to our children and our mission. Being surrounded by excellent educators who are obsessed with our scholars winning makes all of us better. There may be nothing more energizing than being part of a like-minded, mission-driven team that is unwavering about doing right by kids.

As passionate as we are about our scholars succeeding we are equally dedicated and committed to our adults. Our elementary school teachers are loved and deeply supported in their professional and personal development because we know that’s what it takes to achieve excellence and we’re serious about our people becoming exceptional.




Why we’ll

Love You

Do the following must haves resonate with how you’re wired? If so, we invite you to apply and can’t wait to learn more about you!

You’re mission and values-driven. You are committed to educational equity for all children and are deeply aligned with the core values that drive our organization.

You love children: You carry an unyielding optimism about the limitless possibilities that exist in every child’s future. And, you love them enough to push them to their absolute best.

You love working with people: You genuinely care about your colleagues and see achieving our mission as a team sport that requires a deep commitment to the people around you.

You carry deep humility while remaining results-oriented: You bring skill and experience, but are open to new ideas and approaches, always thinking, “What’s going to drive me closer to achieving our ambitious goals.”

You never give up: You take on challenges head-on and when things get hard, you roll up your sleeves and find a way to reach the finish line.

You want to be great: You care deeply about mastering your craft and take full ownership over your growth and development. You get a little better every day because you are invested in truly becoming great at what you do.

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Teaching at U Prep was the best move I could have ever made for my career as a teacher. I’m surrounded by teachers who constantly push me to become the best teacher I can be for our students. I’m constantly learning, innovating, and improving on what I learned the day before. If you want to be the best you can be this is the place to learn how.

U Prep Teacher