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Our fellowship is a chance to hone your craft and prepare to step into a full-time educator role. Like an intentional apprenticeship, skills and knowledge are acquired over time, making the “high stakes” experience of becoming a teacher a more manageable and digestible journey. Maybe you want to be a teacher, but you don’t feel quite ready yet… the fellowship is for you! We will get you ready and meanwhile, you’ll have an incredible impact on the lives of kids.

The University Prep Teaching Fellowship is an intensive, yearlong teacher training program. Over time, Fellows build skills and knowledge tied to essential components of being a highly effective U Prep teacher. Ranging from establishing healthy classroom culture to techniques for driving strong scholar engagement to building content knowledge and expertise, Fellows work under a Teacher Instructional Lead (IL) who mentors, coaches and directly supports their development. Fellows receive a salary of $46,000 during their Fellowship year, and upon successful completion of the program, transition to a lead teacher role in their second year with the organization. At that time, they shift to our teacher compensation system (earning more than $55,000 in that second year once they shift into a lead teacher position). Fellows receive all the same benefits as our educators including 100% coverage of the employee’s health benefits, up to $600 in a wellness fund, and 7 days in PTO with a $300-$500/day pay out for any unused days.

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