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Special Education Teacher
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Teaching students with special needs is the most challenging and rewarding opportunity there is in public education. It is where you can have the biggest impact on a child’s education trajectory.

At U Prep we call Special Education “Scholar Advancement” because any child can need “advancing” at any time and no one should have to feel less then because they’re receiving additional support or services to meet their needs and drive towards their potential.

Joining U prep as a Scholar Advancement Teacher means joining a team that is 100% dedicated to all children – holding the core belief that ALL children can achieve when provided with the right supports, love and high-quality instruction they deserve.

Why you’ll love

Being a Special Education Teacher with Us

At U Prep, we operate a lower student to case manager ratio within our Special Education programming, with roughly 12 children with IEPs (individualized education plans) for each Scholar Advancement teacher. That 12:1 ratio is far smaller than the 20:1 ratio typically found within the traditional public school system.

That means more time and attention meeting the direct needs of children – the work that matters most.

Our Scholar Advancement Teachers have access to all of the same career opportunities afforded to our general education teachers – you can be a Scholar Advancement Chair and lead a team, there is opportunity to earn additional financial compensation for excellent instruction along with access to personalized professional development (PD), and you can grow your salary at a rapid pace on our newly revamped teacher comp system that starts first-year teachers at $55,000 and grows an average of $20,000 in the first five years of teaching with U Prep elementary schools in Denver. And for Special Education Teachers we offer a one-time signing bonus in recognition that you’re entering an important role.

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Teaching at U Prep was the best move I could have ever made for my career as a teacher. I’m surrounded by teachers who constantly push me to become the best teacher I can be for our students. I’m constantly learning, innovating, and improving on what I learned the day before. If you want to be the best you can be this is the place to learn how.

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