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U Prep is dedicated to our work for two simple reasons: We care deeply about all children and believe education is the great equalizer.

When you work at University Prep it becomes your mission to support every child in building an unbreakable foundation on which to achieve their dreams. Our team is collectively responsible for unlocking the potential in each student, making sure they have the confidence, character, and academic skills to succeed.

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We approach teaching differently. We believe it is a craft that is mastered over time through deep ownership of your growth and a constant pursuit of excellence.

At U prep every ounce of educator energy and effort comes from a place of love and commitment to our children and our mission. Being surrounded by excellent educators who are obsessed with our scholars winning makes all of us better. There may be nothing more energizing than being part of a like-minded, mission-driven team that is unwavering about doing right by kids.

As passionate as we are about our scholars succeeding we are equally dedicated and committed to our adults. Our teachers are loved and deeply supported in their professional and personal development because we know that’s what it takes to achieve excellence and we’re serious about our people becoming exceptional.

Your compensation, benefits and supports at U Prep exist with the recognition that U Prep educators are the heart of everything we do and the game changers who make all the difference.

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“Teaching at U Prep was the best move I could have ever made for my career as a teacher. I’m surrounded by teachers who constantly push me to become the best teacher I can be for our students. I’m constantly learning, innovating, and improving on what I learned the day before. If you want to be the best you can be this is the place to learn how.”

U Prep Teacher

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Love You

Do the following must haves resonate with how you’re wired? If so, we invite you to apply and can’t wait to learn more about you!

You love children. You are deeply committed to working with young people and are unwavering in your optimism about what they are capable of.

You’re mission and values-driven. You are committed to educational equity for all children and are deeply aligned with the core values that drive our team and our organization.

You want to be the best. You care deeply about mastering your craft and take full ownership over your growth and development. You get a little better every day because you are invested in truly becoming the best at what you do.

You never give up. When things get difficult you put on a smile, find another approach, and ultimately, get to a solution. You take on difficult challenges because that’s how you grow and get better.

You operate with deep humility. While you carry skills and knowledge from previous experiences, you humbly reflect on new learning and are open to change if it means getting better. You ask questions, listen, and learn from our families, colleagues and leaders.




What to


We are going to make a serious commitment to getting to know you and at the same time that provides you with a chance to seriously get to know us. When it comes to who is standing in front of our children we are crazy about making sure that individual is truly committed to our mission and core values and will work relentlessly to deliver on the promises we make to the families and children we serve. Our process, outlined below, is rigorous and highly intentional.

Submitting an Application
Candidates must complete an online application. You will be asked to upload a resume and complete a series of open-ended response questions.

Application Review / Video Submission
Applications are reviewed by a member of our hiring team. Candidates selected to move forward will receive an email to complete a video interview (responding to 4 questions in a video submission). .

Video Submission Review / Phone Interview
Video submissions are reviewed by a member of our hiring team. Candidates selected to move forward will be contacted for a 30 minute phone interview to follow up on your application and to provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our organization.

Case Study and Pre-Work Prior to In-Person Interview
Candidates selected to move forward after the phone interview will then complete a case study via email that will be reviewed/discussed during the in-person interview day. Candidates will also be provided with pre-work to be fully prepared and equipped for a successful in-person interview.

In-Person Interview
The final stage of the interview process is a full-day in-person interview at one of our campuses. The interview day includes teaching demo lessons and receiving feedback, a chance to engage directly with teachers, school and classroom observations, case studies with debriefs that further emulate the experience of being an educator with U Prep, and a hiring team debrief. The day gives you genuine insight into what life will be like as a U Prep educator and meaningful experiences tied to what it would mean to be a part of our family.

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Our fellowship is a chance to hone your craft and prepare to step into a full-time educator role. Like an intentional apprenticeship, skills and knowledge are acquired over time, making the “high stakes” experience of becoming a teacher a more manageable and digestible journey. Maybe you want to be a teacher, but you don’t feel quite ready yet… the fellowship is for you! We will get you ready and meanwhile, you’ll have an incredible impact on the lives of kids.

The University Prep Teaching Fellowship is an intensive, yearlong teacher training program. Fellows who successfully complete the program are offered a teaching role at one of U Prep’s campuses. Fellows receive these benefits.

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