U Prep Application Process

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University Prep’s public charter school application and hiring process is all about taking the time to ensure there is a mutual fit – you’re in love with us and we’re in love with you. With that in mind, we are going to make a serious commitment to getting to know you and provide you with meaningful opportunities to get to know us. When it comes to who is standing in front of our children we are crazy about making sure individuals are truly committed to our mission and core values, and will work relentlessly to deliver on the promises we make to the families and children we serve. Our process, outlined below, is rigorous, highly intentional, and fully transparent at each step.



    Candidates must complete an online application. You will be asked to upload a resume and complete a few general questions.
    Applications are reviewed by a member of our hiring team. Candidates selected to move forward will be contacted for a video interview to follow up on your application and to provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our organization.
    Prior to being invited for a full-day in-person interview, U Prep engages in a performance task over Zoom. The task exposes candidates to our expectations around engagement with our families and our approach to school/home partnerships. Minimal pre-work is required for engagement in this task.
    The final stage of the interview process is a full-day in-person interview at one of our campuses. The interview day includes teaching demo lessons and receiving feedback, a chance to engage directly with teachers, school and classroom observations, case studies with debriefs that further emulate the experience of being an educator with U Prep, and a hiring team debrief. The day gives you genuine insight into what life will be like as a U Prep educator and meaningful experiences tied to what it would mean to be a part of our family. (Please note that pre-work involving the lesson plan you’ll be running with scholars is required as part of the in-person experience and shared roughly one week in advance of your time with us. If you live outside of our geography and are joining us for a full-day interview, U Prep will cover the costs of your flight and accommodations.)

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