Return to School Task Force

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Dear U-Prep Families,

I hope that as we dive headlong into this unique school year, that both you and your scholars are as excited to see the faces of your U-Prep Teachers on your tech as we are to see all of your joyful faces each and every day.

As we continue to work through the very real challenges of delivering school remotely, I want to make sure that when the time comes we are primed and ready for a safe and healthy return to the building for everyone. To do this in the most transparent and rigorous way for all of our stake holders we at U-Prep will be pulling together a ‘Return to School Task Force’. The group will be made up of campus Leadership, Teachers and Parents/Guardians/Family members like yourself. Our task will be to give everyone the confidence to make an informed decision about sending their scholars back to school in-person.

There are two ways you could become involved in ‘Return to School Planning’:

  1. The Return to School Planning Committee – This group of 12 will meet once a week to understand and work through the most important changes to our schools health and safety protocols and ensure a clear and transparent implementation is planned.
  2. Campus Sounding Groups – This group will have first look at plans and act as an additional layer of scrutiny. You will be expected to engage every 3-4 weeks, offering feedback and posing questions on proposed plans.

If you are interested in being a part of the one of the above groups please click this link and complete the survey by 7pm on Sunday, August 30th.

By the end of next week we will reach out to all interested parties with next steps. In the event that we are oversubscribed we will operate on a first come, first served basis, but attempt to include all stakeholders in one capacity or another.

I thank you in advance for leaning in, and your enthusiastic engagement with school in this unique moment.

Kind Regards,

Alastair Dawe
Chief Operating Officer