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University Prep and its students will always come out on top. 

We will never stop advocating for the success of our scholars, even when the deck seems stacked against us.

On October 11, 2022, the Adams 14 Board of Education voted unanimously, without public discussion, to deny University Prep’s charter contract.

In our schools, we teach our students never to give up, to persevere and believe in themselves, and we could not, in good faith, walk away from that decision without upholding those same values for ourselves, our teachers, and the students we love. 

We may have lost that fight, but we continued on in the face of adversity. You can read more about how we won the battle in this Denver Post article.

“I hope you all carry some ‘P for Pride’ as you consider not only the content of the story, but who authored it. Here’s a U Prep alum who joined us in 1st grade and didn’t believe she could be a good reader and writer. In fact, it wasn’t until she left her old school, joined us at U Prep and found success in those content areas, that she started to build her confidence. From that point forward, she knew that reading and writing were in fact for her, and contents she could pursue. The stronger she got the more she fell in love, and now, fast forward more than a decade – she carries a tremendous passion for writing & advocacy and is a guest journalist for The Denver Post.” – David Singer, University Prep School Founder & Executive Director

We commend Mattison Nunez and her amazing job showing her support for UPrep. Be sure to read her article and leave a comment if you feel called to do so.