U Prep and all schools in the state of Colorado are now closed through April 17th.

Read here for the governor’s announcement. Our U Prep team is working hard in preparation for remote learning starting April 7th. If you don’t currently have Internet access, which will be vital during our time away, please click here to set up free access.

U Prep is deeply proud of the incredible outcomes our children and families have achieved in working with our amazing educators. Below you’ll find a series of articles, locally and nationally, that highlight some of our newsworthy achievements over the years.

Charter School Turnaround at University Preparatory Schools

The National Charter School Resource Center developed a four-part case study to share the unprecedented success story of University Prep’s turnaround work across our country. This link includes four short videos that tell our turnaround story through a wide range of U Prep stakeholders (parents, children, educators, leaders and community members).

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No. 1: This Denver turnaround school had the highest math growth in Colorado

Following the 2016-17 school year, U Prep – Steele St. had the highest math growth in the state (out of 1,500 schools) and the eighth highest English Language Arts (ELA) growth. On the Denver Public Schools School Performance Framework (SPF) the school went from the lowest rating to the highest rating after one year of U Prep operating the campus.

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‘Nothing Short of Phenomenal’: University Prep Turnaround Sees Colorado’s Highest Test Bump

The 74 million, a national blog focused on covering critical news in the education space ran a story on University Prep’s transformative turnaround work. “It’s an important reminder that when you have a team of teachers and leaders that work very thoughtfully, and with skill and love, of the remarkable things they can accomplish,” said the superintendent, whose district encompasses 199 schools and 92,000 students.”

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