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What is

University Prep

University Preparatory Schools (University Prep) are tuition-free public charter schools and are part of Denver Public Schools. We focus on college the second a child walks through our doors. With elements of college culture incorporated into each classroom and college campus visits each year, each U Prep scholar is on the path to a four year college degree.

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What makes us



Small, Safe, Structured

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University Prep’s first campus, University Prep-Arapahoe St, currently serves 360 scholars in grades K-5. Our second campus, University Prep-Steele St opened in August of 2016 and serves 220 scholars in grades K-5. There is a focus on consistency and structure in all classrooms so teachers are 100% focused on teaching and scholars are 100% focused on learning.

Rigor + Joy

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University Prep holds high academic expectations for every child. All U Prep scholars take assessments or “show what you knows” every 8-9 weeks to monitor their academic progress. Teachers provide intense academic supports and interventions for scholars who need it. U Prep also incorporates celebration and joy to invest scholars in learning.


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Once a family enrolls at U Prep, they participate in multiple parent orientations, a home visit, school registration, mandatory parent-teacher conferences, and parent workshops. But that’s only the beginning. Our families engage in frequent communication with their teachers to form lasting partnerships that are crucial to each scholar’s success.


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All scholars and adults in our buildings learn and live by our PREP values of Professionalism, Responsibility, Enthusiasm, and Perseverance. More than rhetoric, our values are the foundation of what we do at U Prep and something we work hard to teach our scholars alongside their daily lessons.


Mission & Values

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Educate our scholars

Achievement of our scholars comes first.

Serve our families

Deliver on our college going promise to our families

Serve our team

Always be a team player.

Walk the walk

Live the University Prep values

My child

Treat every scholar as if they were your own child.



University Prep has a high bar of rigor for EVERY scholar.

  • Beginning in kindergarten, scholars receive three hours a day of small-group (no more than 10 scholars) literacy instruction and 90 minutes of math.
  • We implement a team teaching model in the early grades and teachers departmentalize in the upper grades to focus on one core content area.
  • With college readiness as our focus, we coordinate one college visit per year for every classroom; scholars who attend K–5 will visit a minimum of six colleges by the time they graduate.
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Test Results

  • 2019 PARCC Math Results
    University Prep 3rd-5th grade scholars outperformed all 12 elementary schools in Near Northeast Denver, Denver Public Schools and the state of Colorado on the 2016 PARCC math assessment.
  • 2019 PARCC ELA Results
    University Prep 3rd-5th grade scholars outperformed all 12 elementary schools in Near Northeast Denver, Denver Public Schools and the state of Colorado on the 2016 PARCC English Language Arts assessment.

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Our Team

Home Office & Board

Adriana Robledo-Limon
Adriana Robledo-Limon Office Manager 303.329.8412
Agustin Robledo Limon
Agustin Robledo Limon Special Education Paraprofessional 303.329.8412
Alastair Dawe
Alastair Dawe Chief Operating Officer 303.329.8412
Amanda Richey
Amanda Richey First Grade Teacher 303.329.8412
Amber Britt
Amber Britt Third Grade Teacher 303.249.0463
Andrew Cahalan
Andrew Cahalan Principal Resident 303.292.0463
Angelica Arambula
Angelica Arambula Family Liaison Manager 303.292.0463
Ashleigh Vanderpool
Ashleigh Vanderpool Kindergarten Teacher 303.249.0463
Austin Peduzzi
Austin Peduzzi Special Education Paraprofessional 303.249.0463
Bev Sloan
Bev Sloan Retired Non-Profit Executive
Brenda Stratemeyer
Brenda Stratemeyer Dean of Academics-Math 303.329.8412
Brenna Copeland
Brenna Copeland CFO, Jeffco Public Schools
Briea Berry
Briea Berry Manager of Fund Development & Corporate Partnerships 303.329.8412
Brittani Williams
Brittani Williams Second Grade Reading Teacher 303.329.8412
Brittany Lawson
Brittany Lawson Scholar Advancement Teacher 303.249.0463
Caitlin Barfield
Caitlin Barfield Dance Teacher 303.249.0463
Caren Robledo-Tiscareno
Caren Robledo-Tiscareno Kindergarten Teacher 303.329.8412
Cassie Aten
Cassie Aten Second Grade Teacher 303.329.8412
Christine Tatum
Christine Tatum Fifth Grade Teacher 303.329.8412
Clare Lundquist
Clare Lundquist Principal 303.329.8412 x102
Cuneyt Akay
Cuneyt Akay Partner, Greenberg Traurig
Damaris Espinoza
Damaris Espinoza Office Manager 303.292.0463
David Singer
David Singer Founder & Executive Director 303.329.8412
Deaunna Bridgeforth
Deaunna Bridgeforth Special Education Paraprofessional 303.249.0463
Desire Hodge
Desire Hodge Assistant Director of Enrollment 303.249.0463
Emily Blinn
Emily Blinn Music Teacher 303.329.8412
Emily Eikelberner
Emily Eikelberner Director of Education, Tuchman Family Foundation
Erica Fonseca
Erica Fonseca Fifth Grade Teacher 303.249.0463
Erica Lopez
Erica Lopez Scholar Advancement Teacher 303.249.0463
Estrella Alcala
Estrella Alcala Health Technician 303.329.8412
Fernanda Garcia
Fernanda Garcia First Grade Teaching Fellow 303.249.0463
Hannah Stewart
Hannah Stewart Third Grade Teaching Fellow 303.292.0463
Hillary Reaves
Hillary Reaves Kindergarten Teacher 303.329.8412
Isaiah Hernandez
Isaiah Hernandez Kindergarten Teacher 303.329.8412
Jackie Bass
Jackie Bass Second Grade Math Teacher 303.329.8412
Jacob Erler
Jacob Erler Second Grade Teacher 303.249.0463
Jean De La Mata
Jean De La Mata Vice President, Project Management Team, Charter School Growth Fund
Jessica Jordan
Jessica Jordan Scholar Advancement Teacher 303.329.8412
Jesus Tiscareno
Jesus Tiscareno First Grade Teaching Fellow 303.329.8412
Joselyn Salcedo
Joselyn Salcedo Kindergarten Teacher 303.249.0463
Jourdyn-Evonne Lee
Jourdyn-Evonne Lee Scholar Advancement Teacher 303.329.8412
Juan Pena
Juan Pena Executive Director, CrossPurpose
Justice McGhee
Justice McGhee Dean of K-1 Resident 303.249.0463
Karla Salas
Karla Salas Dean of Operations 303.292.0463
Karly Garster
Karly Garster Dean of Academics Resident 303.292.0463
Kathleen Fleming
Kathleen Fleming Dean of Academics 303.329.8412
Kathryn Cook
Kathryn Cook Second Grade Teacher 303.249.0463
Keith Michael
Keith Michael Dean of Scholars Associate 303.249.0463
Kenneth Thompson
Kenneth Thompson Fifth Grade Teacher 303.249.0463
Kenzie Mader
Kenzie Mader Third Grade Teaching Fellow 303.329.8412
Kevin Heaney
Kevin Heaney Paraprofessional 303.292.0463
Keyra Fitch
Keyra Fitch Third Grade Teacher 303.329.8412
Kia Smith
Kia Smith Fourth Grade Teacher 303.292.0463
Laura Bero
Laura Bero Third Grade Reading Teacher 303.329.8412
Lisa Gutierrez
Lisa Gutierrez 4th Grade Teacher 303.329.8412
Liz Suarez
Liz Suarez Chief Academic Officer 303.329.8412
Lourdes Luna
Lourdes Luna First Grade Math Teacher 303.329.8412
Lourdes Mora
Lourdes Mora Family Liaison Manager 303.329.8412
Madeline Wilmot
Madeline Wilmot Kindergarten Teacher 303.249.0463
Marisol Lopez-Barajas
Marisol Lopez-Barajas First Grade Teacher 303.249.0463
Mark Costanzo
Mark Costanzo Scholar Associate 303.329.8412
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey Teaching Fellow 303.329.8412
Megan Tomakin
Megan Tomakin Third Grade Math Teacher 303.329.8412
Micah Scott
Micah Scott First Grade Teacher 303.249.0463
Mollie Major
Mollie Major Dean of Scholars 303.249.0463
Monique Chavez
Monique Chavez Dean of Academics- ELA 303.329.8412
Myesha Harris
Myesha Harris Dean of Operations 303.249.0463
Nicholas Martinez
Nicholas Martinez Co-Founder, Executive Director, Transform Education Now
Nick Snyder
Nick Snyder Science Teacher 303.249.0463
Nicole Torres-Rey
Nicole Torres-Rey Kindergarten Teacher 303.329.8412
Olga Rico-Gutierrez
Olga Rico-Gutierrez Dean of Operations 303.329.8412 x.101
Paige Mandelman
Paige Mandelman Fifth Grade Teacher 303.329.8412
Phoebe Rolland
Phoebe Rolland Fourth Grade ELA Teacher 303.292.0463
Rachel Kercher
Rachel Kercher Kindergarten Teaching Fellow 303.329.8412
Rebekah Oviatt
Rebekah Oviatt Second Grade Reading Teacher 303.292.0463
Recardo Brooks
Recardo Brooks Direct Service Manager, Chevrolet Denver/Wyoming/Montana
Riley Herzog
Riley Herzog Fifth Grade Teacher 303.329.8412
Saleem Mahkuel
Saleem Mahkuel Behavorial Technician 303.249.0463
Sarah “TL” Waugh
Sarah “TL” Waugh Manager of Multilingual Education 3033298412
Sean Benton
Sean Benton Scholar Advancement Teacher 303.329.8412
Shang Sharpe
Shang Sharpe Dean of Scholars 303.329.8412
Skyler Denniston
Skyler Denniston Third Grade Teacher 303.249.0463
Sofia Peralta-Amador
Sofia Peralta-Amador Director of Talent Acquisition 303.329.8412
Susanna Pasillas
Susanna Pasillas First Grade Teacher 303.329.8412
Tate Oligney
Tate Oligney Fourth Grade Teacher 303.329.8412
Thelma Behnke
Thelma Behnke Director of Scholar Recruitment & Enrollment 303.329.8412
Veronica Luckett
Veronica Luckett Director, King Baptist Childcare and Preschool
Will Dommermuth
Will Dommermuth PE Teacher 303.292.0463
Yanet Herrera
Yanet Herrera Special Education Paraprofessional 303.249.0463

We have been a part of the University Prep family from the beginning. Over the past school years, I’ve been so proud to see my child grow, learn, and get the support that I feel EVERY child should receive.

Skye Kelley

U Prep Parent